The Real Value Of Medical Transcription Work

The Real Value Of Medical Transcription Work

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The medical transcription sector is growing and becoming more popular today. Traditional training programs on schools and colleges are increasing as well as training programs online. These further strengthen the reality that there is an increase in demand for professionals in this sector and that a lot of people are starting to study and begin a career as a medical transcriptionist.

This impression of growth in the sector is further backed up by the U.S. Labor Statistics when they recently released their projection that the medical transcription sector will experience steady growth in the coming 8 years with home based medical transcriptionists experiencing the biggest growth.

Considering the information from the U.S. Labor Statistics about their projections, it’s safe to assume that outsourcing medical transcription work to home-based online professionals will be a common practice. If you are thinking of getting into the medical transcription sector, then there’s no best time than today. But remember, the opportunity is not the only reason for you to get into this sector. Here’s a description of what medical transcriptionists do and the real value they contribute to the health care industry.

1.Medical transcriptionists are the reason why we have organized medical records.

The practice of health care providers these days is to create a voice recording of their analysis, findings and recommendations for their patients. They then send these recordings to a medical transcriptionist for transcription. The medical transcriptionist takes the time to listen to these recordings and create a text document out of the audio recording, making sure that proper medical terms and abbreviations are correctly transcribed; otherwise it may cause problems for patients and their next physicians or upcoming medications. As you can see medical transcription is a critical task. It deals with information preparation and distribution. And if the information is wrong, it may cost someone else their life.

2.Medical transcriptionists make doctors more productive.

Since the tasks of creating written medical documentation now falls on the shoulders of medical transcriptionists, doctors have more time to focus on critical and life saving activities. The doctors just have to record the procedure or reports they want transcribed even while performing work on patients.

3.Medical transcriptionists help save lives.

A patient can go from one specialist to the next. It’s common for patients to transfer from one doctor to another because of a lot of reasons which may include seeking the service of a doctor with proper specialization, the patient moving out of town and want a physician in the area to take care of them instead of travelling to their old physician. During these instances, nothing is more important than knowing the history of a patient. It’s where a patients record is indispensable specially for critical diseases. So the text document produced by medical transcriptionists that came from recordings of doctors dictating their patients history of illnesses, medicines given and operations performed will be a very critical information for the next physician handling the patient. If these documents contain errors and omissions then it could lead to a wrong diagnosis by the new physician handling the patient.

From the points listed above, you gained a deeper understanding of the real value of a medical transcriptionist and the work they do. They maybe just another allied health care service provider but the truth is they play a vital role in the health care industry. They handle a valuable process in health care, and that is the gathering and presentation of a patients’ medical record to assure patients get the proper care.